Flower parade Sint Jansklooster

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Will you stand eye to eye with the dahlia giants this year?

Looking for an unforgettable event for the summer holiday? Do you love cultural and artistic entertainment? Then be sure to check out the Parade in Sint Jansklooster on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 August. Don’t miss it! You’ll be overwhelmed by the amazing floats, lively theatre and musical entertainment.


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Learn all about the float-builders and their themes

Float-builders and themes

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One week full of entertainment!

Prior activities



Bike ride

Bike ride along the parade floats under construction. Start at 13.00 from Bonkenhaveweg 28. Free registration, mail: info@corsoklooster.nl



Judging of the street decoration

The jury drives around from 8 pm to 11 pm through the decorated streets of Sint Jansklooster and beyond to judge their decoration. During the judging a review of the theatre in the street also takes place. The neighbourhoods can receive a separate prize for this.

Parade Friday



Afternoon parade

From 14.00 hours the twelve floats drive along the route. Marching bands and theatre make it a complete event.


Award ceremony

Make sure you arrive at 19.45 at the start of the route and discover who will win the Honorary Prize!


Evening parade

After the prizes are announced, the evening parade starts at 8.30 pm. Afterwards there is a big party in the party tent until 2 am with entertainment provided by the coverband Melrose.


Parade saturday



Parade festival

Step into the world of imagination, wonder and excitement! Enjoy fantastic acts; from a strange mechanical horse to a riding aquarium and from the surrealistic ‘kaleidoscope’ to the jokes of the ‘aimabele schoften’. Enjoy face painting arts, watch the impressive floats one more time and create your own graffiti. The Parade festival is a day you’ll never forget! 

Curious? » Read more about the Parade Festival

Shooting party

The Shooting Party is held at the party tent at the end of the afternoon.


Float-builders party

Starting at 20.00 in the party tent is the big float-builders party with cooperation from the bands Perfect Showband and Butterfly. The award ceremony will be held between 20.30 and 21.00.

Closing Sunday



Tent service

The festive week of Sint Jansklooster officially ends on Sunday evening with an ecumenical church service in the tent. The service starts at 19:00 and is organized by the Council of Churches. The predecessor is Rev. Dick Wolters. Musical accompaniment is provided by SDG. The theme for the meeting is: multicolored love. 

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